As it will take some time to complete this website, in this sitemap the state of the different sub-sites is marked with "+", when there is at least some content. Close to ready sub-sites are marked with "++". All other sites are only placeholder.


Home ++ Sitemap ++            
  Acronyms ++            
  Events ++           LIGA-process ++
  Weblinks +            
  Bibliography +            
  Search ++            
  Job offers ++            
  Diversion +            
  Site statistics ++            
  About ++            
Physics Reflection            
  Refraction +            
  Absorption ++            
Sources ++ Radioactive isotopes ++            
  Bremsstrahlung X-ray tubes        
      Liquid-jet sources +        
  Synchrotron sources            
  Plasma sources            
Detectors Photographic film            
  Image plates            
Types of optics ++ Reflecting optics + Curved mirrors ++        
      Multiple flat mirrors ++        
      Crystal mirrors +        
      Multilayer mirrors        
      Capillary optics ++        
  Diffracting optics + Fresnel zone plates ++        
  Refractive lenses ++ Diverse CRLs ++        
      CRLs by embossing +        
      CRLs by LIGA ++        
      CRLs by RIE +        
  Absorbing optics Pin holes etc. +        
      Shielding, filters etc. +        
Applications + Illumination +            
  Imaging Radiography        
      Microscopy ++        
      Tomography ++ Laminography    
  Structural analysis            
History + Roentgen-museums ++            
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